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Member's Information

Please be aware and take care as the course is steep in places with sheer drops, uneven ground and water hazards. The whole course becomes slippery in wet and icy conditions, please take extra care in these conditions.

Prior to playing a stroke or making a practice swing, Please ensure that no one is standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, etc.which may be moved by the stroke or swing.  

Due consideration must be given to road safety, especially when crossing the road and playing the 9 and 18 holes.

Do not tee off on the 1st/10th holes when players are on the 2nd tee. Please allow time for these players to leave the tee and get into the bottom field before teeing off on the 1st/10th tees. 

PUBLIC FOOTPATH and ROAD to HUNTWORTH FARM: Be aware of and give priority to users of the public footpath and farm track, which crosses holes 1, 6, 7 and 8. Golfers must not tee-off until the footpath and farm track ahead of them are clear.

Access to the Course

Members do NOT need to book a tee time when not playing in competitions, simply turn up and play. In the unlikely event that someone else is on the 1st/10th tee when you arrive, please just wait until it is clear to play. Please be aware that certain sections of the club have priority on the course on different days/times (which basically means if you happen arrive at the 1st/10th tee at the same time as them, they go first) however their numbers are so small there is no need for us to close the course to other members or visitors. If unsure please refer to your Member’s Hand Book fixtures section before going on the course. In addition further activities/events/matches may be arranged, so please keep a check on the club notice boards or this page for details.

World Wide Golf Liability Insurance

The World Wide Golf Liability Insurance cover provides insurance for members whilst they are playing golf at any club in the UK and for up to 120 days abroad. If you require a copy of the cover details please contact the Secretary.

1895 Club

Settle Golf Club was founded in 1895 and is a proud member of the 1895 Club. As part of that membership our members can play at other participating clubs for free or a much discounted rate. T&Cs apply. For more information click here

Your Handicap 

We highly recommend that you get a handicap index. Once you have a handicap index you have many more golfing options and opportunities. A handicap index is easy to get and will seriously enhance your golfing experience.

If you wish to play in official club competitions or opens/events on other courses, you will be required to supply a handicap index or your CDH number.

Our handicap secretary is Anne Morton. If you require any information about getting a handicap index or any details about your previous/current handicap please contact Anne on  Please note we are unable to offer handicaps to several membership categories.

For members that already have a handicap index the World handicapping System website platform is available for you to see your handicap index. To access the WHS platform click on the following link

Club Officials and Management Team

President: Ray Jones

Secretary: Pete Johnson

Treasurer: Sean Firth

​Captain: Nigel Green

Vice Captain: David Colgrave

​Lady Captain: Andrea West

Lady Vice Captain: Vacant

​Senior Captain: John Read

Retiring Captain: Chris Sharp 

​Committee Members: 

Peter Morton (Social Committee, House Committee)

Mike Noble

Will Platt (Health & Safety)

Mike Robins (Handicap Committee)

Stephen Robinson (Sponsorship)

Mark Woolham (Greens Committee)

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