Membership Details

There has never been a better time to join Settle and Giggleswick Golf Club.

Membership fees for the season starting April 1st 2021:

* Full Membership (Ladies and Gents)                           £355

* Country Membership                                                    £200

* Intermediate (Age 19-24)                                             £130

* Intermediate Plus (Age 25-35)                                     £180

* Junior (Age 12 and under)(Dependent)                       £Free

* Junior (Age 13-18) (Dependent)                                  £25

* Junior (Without dependent)                                          £50

Current Offers

Existing Members

Introduce a new member and get 25% of your fees. The new member gets 25% of their fees and you both get the same deal in the second year.

New Members 2 for 1

Join the golf club now with a friend or relative you will pay just half our membership subscription fee each, so basically get two people for the price of one membership. We are aiming at attracting couples, friends, family members, husband wife, etc. There has never been a better time to be a member at Settle, the course is in excellent condition and a joy to play. (Terms Apply)

Please contact Peter Johnson for more details on membership and how to take up these great offers.

Phone: 07980 324093