Membership Details

There has never been a better time to join Settle and Giggleswick Golf Club.


Membership fees for the season starting April 1st 2020:

* Full Membership (Ladies and Gents)                           £355

* Country Membership                                                    £200

* Intermediate (Age 19-24)                                             £130

* Intermediate Plus (Age 25-35)                                     £180

* Junior (Age 12 and under)(Dependent)                       £Free

* Junior (Age 13-18) (Dependent)                                  £25

* Junior (Without dependent)                                          £50

Current Offers

Existing Members

Introduce a new member and get 25% of your fees. The new member gets 25% of their fees and you both get the same deal in the second year. 


New Members 2 for 1

Join with a mate and pay only one membership fee. (Terms Apply)


Please contact Peter Johnson for more details on membership and how to take up these great offers.

Phone: 07980 324093