Course Details

Slope Ratings

White Tee Slope Rating -129

Yellow Tee Slope Rating - 127

Red Tee Slope Rating - 130

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Course Hole By Hole

Hole 1 Quarry - Par 3 White Tee 178 yds Red Tee 122 yds

A straight drive over the 160 yards of 'carry' will land your ball on the slope which should feed it nicely on to the putting surface.  However, the prevailing wind from in front and left can easily catch your ball if hit too high and deposit it on the flattish ground to the right from where it is difficult to hold the green with your 2nd shot.


Hole 2 Catteral Corner  -  Par 4 White Tee 406 yds  Par 5 Red Tee 427 yds

The Fairway has been moved to the right. From the tee, your ideal line is the centre of the fairway between the trees.  The beck which runs down the middle of the fairway up to the corner of the green is the challenge for your 2nd shot: do I take it on or not ? An already long Par 4 could become even harder.


Hole 3 Coffin Wood  - Par 4 White Tee 363 yds Red Tee 317 yds

From the tee, your  line is the corner of the left to right dog-leg. Longer hitters may be tempted to cut the corner, driving over the wall towards the crow's nest but should be aware of the trees and the internal OOB down the right hand side. A second shot of around 150 yards should land you on the green but anything long and to the right may find the beck.


Hole 4 Tems Beck  -   Par 4 White Tee 349 yds Red Tee 344 yds

A straightforward left to right dog-leg offers a good birdie opportunity if played well but presents similar hazards to the previous hole.  In order to see your way into the green, keep your drive down the left hand side of the fairway.  Do not be long with the 2nd shot as the mound behind the green provides good nestling ground for your ball.


Hole 5 Dry Tarn - Par 4 White Tee 389 yds Red Tee 323 yds

From the elevated tee, it's WYSIWYG all the way to the putting surface.  However, the cross beck is waiting to swallow your drive, the grassy mound front right of the green will arrest any run and the dry stone wall at the back could lead to a penalty drop if you get too close.


Hole 6 Scar View - Par 4 White Tee 364 yds Red Tee 361 yds

The landing area from off the tee is very wide but the ideal spot is on top of the hill from where the green is clearly seen.  The trees down the right hand side, however, are to be avoided and so the 'safe' drive is along the flank of the hill. This may lead to an awkward 2nd shot, but to leave the elevated, 2 tier green with a 5 is no disgrace.


Hole 7 Huntworth  -  Par 4 White Tee 354 yds Red Tee 300 yds

With OOB down the left hand side AND on top of the hill to the right, a straight drive on to the short grass is essential, if this hole is not going to spoil your card.  The approach shot is over a farm track and stream, which widens into a pool directly in front of the 2 tier green. But a ball landing directly on the putting surface, especially in summer, may well run up to or bounce over the dry stone wall at the back.


Hole 8 Buck Haw Brow - Par 3 White Tee 143 yds Red Tee 115 yds

A par 3 and stroke index 17 & 18 should not deceive you! The uphill green is difficult to hit, especially if the wind is in your face.  The bank round the sides and back will help but beware the pin at the front!


Hole 9 Craven Fault - Par 5 White Tee 515 yds Red Tee 429 yds

A straight drive over the marker post should get you off to a good start.  The ideal way to find the green is to keep to the left hand side, parallel to the road, but there is a cross beck at the bottom of the slope, 150 yards from the flag, which will make you think about your 2nd shot.