Captain's Blog

April 2022

Captains Blog Par Date 18th April 2022


Dear Members and Friends,


Easter weekend is just about behind us and the weather has feeling distinctly spring like, at last!


Following our successful start to the season with a wonderful turnout at the Captains’ Drive in, we are now heading into the “season proper”!!!


Most weekends there will be some form of competition and we’ll be having regular matches against other clubs and little “awayday” trips on a social basis to play at other courses around the Dales and the North.


In May we will also start our regular “roll ups” on a Friday evening; a chance for all members to get together, socialise and play some fun golf… no handicaps required!


Back to the competitions though. Three so far already with Nigel Green victorious in the Bernard Cox Trophy, Ian Johnson triumphant in the C.E. Wright trophy on Thursday 14th April; a round I witnessed first-hand and came second behind Ian and John Read in the Riseley Trophy Medal on Sunday.


Ian is one of our higher handicap players and it really goes to show how the new WHS (World Handicap System) works and ensures everyone has a chance to compete, also we had several new members playing in their first competitions which is brilliant . 😊


The remaining weekends in April see the Ladies and mixed competitions starting in earnest with a Mixed Summer Medal next weekend and Ladies 9 hole Summer League beginning on Weds 27th April and the first Ladies Medal on 30th April.


It would be fantastic to have a high number of Ladies taking part in the Mixed Medal over the 23rd/ 24th April (you can play on either day, whichever is best for you) and more new members playing in competitions.


If you don’t have a handicap please, please put a little time and effort into obtaining one. If you don’t know how to go about getting one just drop me a note at and I’ll put you on the right track!!


We use Master Scoreboard  for registering for competitions and keeping track of results/ handicaps, all members are set up on Master Scoreboard with user ID of first and last name.  There are also information posters around the locker rooms but if anyone is still struggling please drop me an email as above.


As Captain of the club this year my main overarching goal and theme is to get as many members playing, be it social golf, competitions, matches or just the odd evening knock in the summer, all enjoying our fabulous corner of the Dales!!


One final point, I know my fellow committee member Peter Johnson is currently following up on unpaid annual subscriptions. Please give him a hand pay any overdue subs as soon as possible.


Here’s to a fabulous golfing summer!!



March 2022


Captains Log  Par Date 31st March 2022
Fellow Members and Frustrated Major Winners!
So the season officially kicked off on Saturday with the Captains’ Drive in, our first “event” of the year. I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved.
God – for the weather, simply glorious, he is a Yorkshireman!
Members – A fantastic turnout, I was genuinely blown away by the interest and attendance from both established and new members, plus family members who joined us for food and socialising in the clubhouse post event. Seeing a clubhouse full of animated, smiling and happy golfers and their families was the absolute highlight for me.
Volunteers – A huge thank you to everyone who helped out with catering (what an amazing spread!) and organisation. It just goes to show what we can achieve together everyone, please keep this passion for our club rolling all year!
Players – Big congratulations to the winners on Saturday but, really, it was all about taking part. The majority of us, definitely including me, will probably not win a trophy during the season but we can take part and enjoy the walk, the friendship of fellow members and the sublime beauty of hitting the odd shot that makes us smile from ear to ear!
Everyone – Don’t be put off by words like competition, matches, teams, handicap etc… Jump in and join in, get yourself a handicap, it’s really easy, just hand in three completed scorecards to get the ball rolling and set yourself a benchmark and then challenge yourself to get better
Keep supporting our club, let’s make this year special with maximum participation and enjoyment.

February 2022


“Fellow members, friends and team mates…


“The second Captain’s Blog - Par Date 08/02/2022 (I hope someone has got the reference…)


So, early February and we are halfway through the darkest, wettest, coldest period of the year. The weather hasn’t let us down; biblical rainstorms, hurricane force winds and biting cold mornings.

But we persevere, in the odd “weather window” and even when the weather has firmly shut the door; I vividly remember finishing a round early in January in a snow storm and the ball on my final putt being twice the size by time it dropped into the whole. If it had been a long put I reckon I could have started building a snowman!


However, we’ve had a number of early year competitions on Sunday mornings and the Toffs (The Over Fifty Fives) have been playing most Thursday mornings, warmed by the post round pie and peas! They also play regular competitions, matches against other senior sides and the odd away day. If you are age qualified get along and have a blast, you’ll be warmly welcomed.


The form horse so far this year has been John Read, posting some strong consistent results and, as always, maintaining his position as” Baron of Banter”!


Can I please encourage everyone to get out and play, join in the social events and post a few scores. It doesn’t matter what they are but handing in a few cards will enable you to have a handicap and play in the competitions throughout the year. Don’t mistake the word “competition” for a pressured, unenjoyable experience…on the contrary they are always light-hearted, friendly and fun!


As we move towards March the weather should improve and the days become longer so we need to get out there more.


The season will officially commence on 26th March with the Captains’ drive-in, more details to follow.


The committee are working very hard to improve facilities both on and off the course and there will be some significant changes to both over the next few months, I’ll update you as these roll out.


On a final, very, very, very important we’d love to increase membership numbers this year and you can all help by:


  • Rejoining – our membership fees are outstanding value compared to all the other clubs locally

  • Bringing in a new member (friend/ relation/ colleague)… we have a range of incentives that make this financially advantageous


For info on these incentives please contact Peter Johnson at


As ever drop me a note if you have any thoughts/ questions/ ideas.





January 2022

“Fellow members, friends and team mates…


“This is my first (of twelve monthly epistles) Captain’s Blog - Par Date 02/02/2022 (I hope someone gets the reference…)


We are in the depths of winter and coming to the end of the festive season; mornings and afternoons are dark and the weather for the past month has been wet, wetter and a bit too much like Noah’s adventures…


This is the time of year that golfers hibernate; keeping a low profile, dreaming of sun kissed afternoons in May when the ball carries miles and runs even further and greens are shorn and quick.


I’ve been out a lot recently (post a Covid episode), playing pretty average golf but loving the fresh air and beautiful scenery that blesses our bonny little course.


On Friday I had the pleasure of playing a few holes with our oldest member, Eddie Kidd. Eddie is an amazing character, with more stories and experiences than most of us will ever accumulate, and he hits it annoyingly  straight!! Our wander around the holes on the bottom field reminded me that comradeship and conversation is far more important than getting that little white spherical object in the hole.


I urge you all to ignore the damp underfoot fairways and less than balmy meteorological conditions.


Get out there, play golf!!


What is the alternative? Hiding behind the sofa watching the Ashes is no fun for anyone!!


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year.


Here’s to a happy, healthy and handicap reducing 2022!!